About the book

The strange thing about being human is that being one doesn’t automatically make it easy to understand one. We don’t understand other people, and we don’t really understand ourselves.

Modern life puts a lot of stresses on us. Perhaps more than at any time in history, we are subjected to often crushing mental and emotional pressure from all directions. To make matters worse, we score a lot of self-inflicted own goals on ourselves, emotionally and mentally, causing ourselves much unnecessary grief. This results in us being less happy than we could be, more stressed than we need to be, more anxious than its healthy to be and generally living life less well than we could.

‘Who we are’ explores the true nature of human beings – what we really are, why we behave the way we do, why we feel the things that we feel, and how to use this knowledge to live better, happier lives. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, evolutionary theory and genetics, we explore concepts such as free will, the origin of emotions, and the evolution of human purpose in order to prescribe a happy, healthier way of living in the modern world.

Anyone who finds modern life stressful, wonders what the true meaning of life is or is interested in new perspectives is welcome to dive in and hopefully find something helpful.

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About the author

Elgan is curious about many things, including the human condition, which goes some way to explaining why this site exists. He shares his writing space with two bunnies who generally approve of his writing except when he writes about himself in the third person. He agrees.

When he’s not bunny wrangling, Elgan is a serial entrepreneur, having founded a number of businesses that he runs on occasion. He’s also a graduate of Stanford and Cambridge Universities, with a doctorate in a mish mash of Engineering/Computer Science/Business type subjects that he has since mostly forgotten about.

While he enjoys socialising, his social media presence is embarrassingly inadequate. He’s always happy to receive (nice) messages though, so feel free to click on the contact button (unless you happen to be a Nigerian prince or one of his friends).

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